How do you know which School the money must go to? What does it cost a school and what work does a school have to do?

It is completely free and will not cost your school a cent to be involved. All a school has to do is register for the program and then going forward the school would just be required to send out the information to the parents of the school. Support Your School assigns an account manager to each school registering and the account manager will guide you through the process.

What does a school get? How does a school benefit?

A School benefits in 2 ways:

  •  by the school saving money on their own monthly expenses such as stationery and textbooks
  •  from fundraising by receiving something from all the purchases made by the parents through the program.

What if a school does not do fundraising?

The school should still join the program as the school can still save on its monthly expenses and the parents can also still benefit from the specials and the school fee credits. The fundraising that would have otherwise gone to the school can instead go to a charity of the school’s choice or to an underprivileged school.
When will a school receive the money?

Payment of monies due to a school is made at the end of each quarter. School fee credits are only paid accross twice a year so as to limit the work by the school in allocating the credits.
How does Support Your School know which school the money must go to?

When a parent buys something for the first time through the program they nominate a school and then all the fundraising from that parent’s purchases goes to that school.

Does the program involve a school with extra work? Does a school get involved with payment and/or delivery?

No – our goal is to give the school no extra work. There really is minimal work involved for a school as all you have to do is assist with the communication to parents and the allocation of school fee credits. The school does not get involved with the purchasing by the parents. In addition Support Your School saves the school a lot of time and effort when it comes to the school’s procurement as Support Your school will be sourcing suppliers and negotiating discounts on behalf of the schools.

Can a school cancel its registration down the line?

Yes, a school can terminate its involvement with the program at any time.


Can a school suggest a deal? What if a school is needing something for which there is not currently a deal or supplier?

Yes, anyone can suggest a deal - our website has a “suggest a deal” function or you could just contact us and we will attempt to source a suitable deal.

What if a school has already planned its fundraising for the year?

No problem, you should register anyway as:

  • your school can still save money on its own purchases through the program;
  • your parents can still benefit from the school fee credits;
  • a bit of extra fundraising isn’t a bad thing.


What if a school likes using certain suppliers; is happy with its current suppliers?

No problem, we can look to bring your current suppliers onboard and there may be certain areas of monthly expense were you may be open to getting a cheaper supplier on board.


How do you know which School the money must go to and how do I receive the school fee credit?

When a parent registers on the program they nominate a school and then all the fundraising from that parent’s purchases goes to that school. Similarly a parent nominates a child to which the school fee credits must be allocated. Support Your School pays the fundraising portion to the school on a quarterly basis. As for the school fee credits, 2 payments per year are made to the school, one in June and the other in November. Should your school fee credit in the June payment be less than R100 then this is carried over and added to the November school fee credit.

Can someone who is not a parent buy through the program?

Most definitely. Anyone can join the program. On joining they nominate a school as their selected beneficiary and then that school benefits from fundraising in respect of all their purchases. Any person can also nominate your child for the school fee credit portion and then you benefit from that person's spend.

Can we suggest a deal? What if we are needing something for which there is not currently a special or a supplier?

Yes, anyone can suggest a deal - our website has a “suggest a deal” function or you could just Contact Us and we will attempt to source a suitable special.

What percentages are paid to the school?

Our business partners rebate different percentages. Each deal would state what amount goes back to the school.

Can I change the school that I nominated?

Yes, just Contact Us and let us know what information you would like to update.


I advertise already. Why should I use this platform?

With us there is no outlay and no risk. Unlike normal advertisements and marketing, you don’t spend thousands of rands hoping you receive some response. We mail your special to thousands of potential customers. If you don’t receive a response, you don’t pay.

Support Your School offers suppliers access to a clearly defined target market and the opportunity to market a niche product or service.

You will also be giving back to the community and to education.

What type of product or service could I market through your program?

Your special goes out to schools, parent bodies and potentially to businesses of parents. Your product or service does not need to be school related. Your product or service may relate to a parent or in the case of our procurement program to a school.

Examples of products or services that a school would need: Computers, stationery, consumables, security services, plumbing, electrical etc.

Examples of products or services for parents: School uniforms, stationery, extra lessons, presents, restaurant vouchers, holidays, lifestyle items, plumbing, electrical, gardening services etc.

I have no advertising budget?

You do not need any - there is no outlay at all. We would however look to you for a preferential procurement rate incorporating a rebate to the school and in some cases a discount to the parent.

The amount of any discount and/or rebate is supplier and deal dependent and will be agreed with you upfront before the deal is loaded.

How do I get featured?

There are three ways in which the program can be used by a supplier:

  1. Advertising a once-off greatly reduced special (what we call a Hot Deal);
  2. Offering an ongoing special to parents and schools;
  3. Advertising through the program.

The process regarding how a deal will be purchased and delivered to a buyer is deal dependent and is individually negotiated with each supplier.

What is a Hot Deal?

These are once off greatly reduced priced deals in order to market your business and get people into your door. This is ideal for promoting a specific product or service or for getting rid of excess stock. Hot Deals would generally go out to schools and parents via e-mail.

What is a Supplier Special?

This is an arrangement whereby schools and parents could come to you anytime and  benefit from the agreed rebate. The actual rebate will be decided by you in conjunction with input from Support Your School.

How do I advertise through the program?

Please Contact Us for more information on advertising with Support Your School