Cubroid Meta Africa Championship 2024

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey at the Cubroid Meta Africa Championship 2024!

Are you ready to seize the coveted title of Coding & Robotics Champions of Africa, all powered by the ingenious Cubroid Coding Blocks?

Experience the Action Across Divisions:

CMAC Junior:

Ages 5 - 9

A vibrant division where young minds ignite their coding and robotics curiosity.

CMAC Intermediate:

Ages 10 - 13

Engage in fierce competition, showcasing their burgeoning tech skills.

CMAC Senior:

Ages 13 – 18

Step up to demonstrate their advanced coding and robotics prowess.

Your Gateway to Insights

Stay tuned for our next illuminating webinar to gain profound insights into the championship, it's structure, and how to make your mark.

Ignite Your Legacy

Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity to showcase your coding and robotics talents on a continental stage. It's time to paint Africa with the colors of innovation and achievement. Let's come together to create a legacy of pride and excellence!

Join us at the Cubroid Meta Africa Championship 2024 and let the future unfold in an array of coding brilliance and robotic ingenuity.

The Countdown Begins

Registration opens from September 18th 2023 to November 31st 2023, providing ample time to secure your spot in this groundbreaking event. The qualifying rounds are set to blaze from January 26th to January 28th, 2024, setting the stage for the ultimate showdown. Save the date for the grand Championship event on February 17th, 2024.

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