30 Models Motorized Set – Multimodel Set

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The new CREATIVE BUILDER – Multimodel series, is the latest upgrade of the very successful 2017 INVENTOR line, which brings out the best of ENGINO® : the ability to build fast and easy as many models as possible! The classic building system is deployed, which makes the sets suitable for 6 year olds, providing a stepping stone between the Qboidz and the Mechanics lines. Creativity development is the main focus of this series, starting from a 10 models set all the way to 120 models! All our sets from 30 models and above include the ENGINO® new 2-speed motor for animated builds, from cars to cranes to dinosaurs and helicopters. The only limit is the imagination of the child!

For ages 7+

Warning: This product contains small parts which could be swallowed. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Weight0.642 kg
Dimensions28 × 43 × 5.9 cm

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