Bluetooth Controller V1 – (10 Languages)

R1,070.00 Excluding VAT and Shipping

Makeblock Controller is a wireless Bluetooth controller suitable for children of ages 6+.

Intuitive interface design and easy to use
One-button start and quick pairing
Programmable and customizable buttons
ABS-surface for impressive touch.

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The Makeblock Bluetooth Controller features 15 buttons and 2 thumbsticks, which are programmable. Not only is it compatible with a variety of Makeblock robots with built-in Bluetooth modules, but also comes with complementary programs, which are ready to use upon being uploaded. You can enjoy a cleaner, more professional robotic control experience in the classroom, at home or in a robotics competition setting.


Control robots remotely, or interact with Scratch stage

The Bluetooth Controller is compatible with products such as mBot (Bluetooth version), mBot Ranger (Bluetooth version), the Ultimate series, Airblock, MotionBlock, and the Bluetooth module in the Maker Platform. You can also download the default program associated with your robots and upload it to the main control board for pairing, thereby operating your Makeblock robots wirelessly. You can also make use of the controller to interact with Scratch stage after building games or animations using mBlock.


Programme buttons any way you like

Featuring 15 buttons and 2 thumbsticks, the Bluetooth Controller is programmable with graphical coding. Pair the Controller with your Makeblock robots for easy controlling and supple maneuvering.


Perfect for competitions: use multiple controls simultaneously

The Bluetooth Controller is incredibly user-friendly at robotics competitions, thanks to its anti-interference technology, which effectively prevents mishaps caused by multiple robots operating in the same setting. Improve the projects you build, and better your team’s robotic control, by taking part in our MakeX Robotics Competition – a robotics competition platform that promotes multidisciplinary learning within the fields of science and technology. Showcase your skills and ingenuity!