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Support Your School is a leading provider of coding and robotics education and resources. Our company offers a range of services, including training, advising, and product sales, to schools and individuals who are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in these fields.

We believe that coding and robotics are essential components of modern education and are critical for preparing young people for the future. That's why we offer comprehensive training programs for teachers and students alike, so they can learn the latest coding and robotics techniques and technologies.

In addition to our training programs, we also provide expert advising services to schools and individuals who need guidance on how to incorporate coding and robotics into their curriculum or career path. Our team of experienced professionals is always available to answer questions and provide support.

Finally, we offer a range of high-quality coding and robotics products for sale, including software, hardware, and other resources. We work closely with leading manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that we offer the best products on the market at competitive prices.

At Support Your School, our mission is to make coding and robotics accessible to everyone, regardless of their age or background. All of our products come with professionally designed and easy-to-use teacher's guides and lesson plans.

Having high-quality lesson plans and teacher's guides can be highly beneficial in several ways. It saves teachers a significant amount of time in preparing lessons, allowing them to focus on teaching and engaging with their students. The lesson plans are well-structured and designed to be engaging and interactive, making it easier for teachers to deliver effective and enjoyable lessons.

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